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What’s in Season?

Spy School

Participants will need to earn their ‘00’ status to become agents of Her Majesty's Secret Service. [read more...]

The pace is fast and furious as teams are marshalled by our crack drill sergeants and become immersed in a secret world of spies and double agents. Starting off with a secret mission broadcast, the spy cadets will be put through their paces as they rotate around a course of specialised disciplines.

These tasks can include mastering their aim with laser clays or getting a head for heights on the zip wire and high ropes courses. More cerebral specialists will delight in racing against the clock to disarm the ‘bomb’ and deactivate the ‘radioactive’ liquid. In The Vault, which tests the team’s ability to dodge and weave their way through a high security matrix, there are many twists and turns to navigate in our complex cobweb of lasers.

Past Times & Pursuits

  • Country Pursuits

    – Take part in the very best field activities and enjoy the quintessential British country life

  • Segway Polo

    – Indulge your team in this modern twist on the ‘Game of Kings’

  • Village Fete

    – Take a step back into summers past at our local fete

Music & Arts

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    – Give your team a taste of showbiz life with our exciting and entertaining movie making experience

  • Masterpiece

    – A blank canvas for creativity with a splash of organisation and wash of communication

  • Team Rhythms

    – teams find their inner rhythm, have fun and work together to create an effervescence of sound in this all-consuming team challenge


  • Spy School

    – Participants will need to earn their ‘00’ status to become part of Her Majesty’s secret service

  • Top Gun Flight Academy

    – Teams can become Mavericks of the skies by earning their Top Gun wings with this action-packed flight academy experience

In the Business of…

  • Cocoa Challenge

    – THE opportunity to mix business with confectionary pleasure

  • Pit Stop Challenge

    – Turn your team into an elite pit stop crew as they design, build and race their karts in a thrilling finale

Team Trails

  • Geographic

    – using local landmarks to navigate and earn points around a specific location

  • Historic

    – based in historical fact with our own twists and turns, teams can re-write history

Event Interjections

  • Conference Chaos

    – Coloured balloons into nets with only three rules – sound easy? Challenge your team to think laterally and inflate their success rate

  • Flights of Fancy

    – Challenge your team to build the most effective paper airplane ever. Using templates and test flights, who will be your Top Gun team of the day?

  • Foraging Delights

    – Get your delegates out in the venue grounds to forage for unusual, local ingredients that will create wonderful gifts and hone new found skills

  • Time Check

    – Race against the clock to complete the 101 challenges. Who can juggle, who can origami and who can solve a cryptic crossword?

  • Team Energisers

    – Choose from a list of simple games to get your delegates on their feet, energise them and pump oxygen to their brains for the rest of the day.

Pre-dinner Drinks

  • Antiques Hunt

    – Entering a room filled with items, can your team work out which are the Fine Art specimens and which are the Car Boot classics?

  • Bingo

    – Networking the room, guests are tasked with finding out which fact relates to which of their colleagues and be the first one to complete their Bingo card.

  • Race To The (Table) Centre

    – With expert guidance, learn the skills and tricks of how to make simple yet beautiful eye-catching table centres.

  • Yes You Canape

    – Wow your guests at future dinner parties by attending our Yes You Canape masterclasses. Choose from a mixture of classics through to on trend canapes.

  • Chocolate Truffle Crafting

    – Everyone loves a truffle and those who can make them are loved even more! Join us and learn how to make mouthwatering chocolate truffles with our expert chocolatier.