Getting To Know…Kate, Winter 2018 issue 3

Best overseas event? I actually have two and they are opposite ends of the scale. Some years ago I worked in Bangkok, it was a fast and furious event, mammoth in scale. The night before was set up, the following afternoon was the event and that evening was pack down.  A crazy event that was nonstop and strangely included imported sand…! My other favourite was in Cannes, we hired an island for lunch. It was so peaceful with a calm and serene atmosphere, wonderful during an event.

Which is more challenging onsite; registration or transfers? I would have to say transfers as there are so many elements out of your control, especially when dealing with delegates coming from overseas.

Your favourite animal team activity? I love duck herding. Ducks are really stubborn, so you can guarantee it won’t go perfectly. I also like the fact that the activity has a clear and simple goal even if it’s difficult to get there. It’s working together as a team without even trying.

Most memorable event experience? It has to be processing between 5,000-6,000 registrations by fax!! We didn’t have computers at that time…