Quizmania is hosted on Zoom by our very own ‘live’ quiz show host and involves teams competing in various bespoke rounds. If you have a particular theme or message, we can even tailor the quiz to suit.

There are a number of interactive rounds with both visual and audio support. These could include:

  • Trivia Questions are read out by the Quizmaster and shown on screen
  • Audio eg “Back Tracks” where teams must guess the popular song that is being played backwards
  • Visual eg “Close Up” where teams are shown pictures of household items photographed at weird angles
  • Interactive eg ‘Super Ace Face Race’ where you race to get a chocolate biscuit from your forehead into your mouth, without using your hands

For more competitive teams we can invite them to a virtual breakout room where they can confer privately for a while without the rest of the group hearing. To submit their answers, teams nominate a team leader to email their answers to an address, where we have someone marking them in ‘real time’.