Wellbeing Workshops

If you want to bring the wellbeing top tips to life then try one of our mindfulness workshop sessions. We have been running these successfully face-to-face and now can bring them to life for your team online. These are an opportunity for your teams to come together, connect, and learn new theories, techniques and practical tools that will positively impact their sense of wellbeing.

Energy Management

Our discussion-lead workshop will help define what is depleting your energy and what helps to restore and recharge you.

Mind / Body Relaxation Experiences

Mindfulness is proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety as well as enhance performance, concentration and other cognitive functions. We have a selection of mind & body relaxation experiences that are suitable for any group size and any time duration from 15–45 minutes.

Building Resilience

In this workshop your team will learn how to build resilience in order to better cope with the pressures of life that we face. This session reveals how, in order to succeed to our highest potential, we must inevitably – at times – fall down. This is a session focused on bouncing back even stronger.